The Best and Worst Foods to Try in Japan

Japanese culture has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with the western world striving to learn more about their cousins in the orient. Part of the impact Japan has had on this corner of the globe has come in the form of the introduction of several new foods. However, not all of them are as mouth-watering as others.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best and worst cuisines which have come out of the Asian nation.

Best: Sushi

Kicking things off with a well-known classic, sushi has become one of the most popular dishes the world over – with London alone playing host to literally hundreds of restaurants dedicated to the craft.

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you the dish is usually comprised of raw fish, which has been wrapped up in a bed of cooked rice. It’s often garnished with the likes of cucumber and other vegetables.

Worst: Basashi Ice

Brace yourself for this one – Basashi Ice is quite literally ice cream which has been flavoured to taste like raw horse meat (which is itself oddly considered a delicacy in Japan – named Sashimi).

I don’t know about you, but frozen dead horse certainly isn’t our idea of a delicious post-meal treat. That said, you’re unlikely to ever find such a unique flavour combination anywhere else in the world, so it might be worth a try.


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Best: Soba

Soba is effectively the Japanese answer to China’s Chow Mein – with this offering comprising of long buckwheat noodles which have become a staple of most people’s diets in mountainous regions.

The noodles are often accompanied by Soy sauce and are at times served up in a type of broth – although this version of the cuisine is considered by many to be untraditional and inferior to the original.

Worst: Shirako

It’s fairly commonplace to enjoy the delights of fish roe in a lot of cultures, but the Japanese take that one step further by serving up a meal which quite literally consists of male sperm which is still encased inside its natural membrane.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re not sure who the bright spark was that came up with the idea for this dish originally, but we’d suggest they seek professional help. Worryingly, it seems to have taken off with the Japanese people, regardless.


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Best: Okonomiyaki

This delicious delight takes the likes of pork or cabbage and sees them wrapped inside a scrumptious savoury pancake – with Okonomiyaki serving as the ultimate in Japanese comfort food.

Some restaurants have even been known to allow their customers to grill their own pancakes, such is the simplicity of the dish. While it might not be the classiest item on a menu, Okonomiyaki is well worth trying out at some point.

Worst: Gizzard Soup

Finishing off our list is a dish which sees a hotpot made from the intestines and stomach lining of things like cows, goats and sheep. Sounds lovely, right?

The sloppy goo which accompanies the broth isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it does apparently go down a treat with a bevy of Japanese diners after a hard day’s work.


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Interested in trying any of these dishes (perhaps even the disgusting ones) for yourself? Why not give one of them a go the next time you’re over there?

5 Picturesque Indian Destinations to Hitch-Hike In

If you are an avid traveller and want to experiment with something new this time, adventure is the answer for you. Occasional adventure trips are really great to undertake. They help you see life from another perspective and teach you a lot of things (including risk). Needless to say, you not only get closer to nature through adventure but also become very spontaneous and confident in your personality. 

So, if you are excited enough to take on an invigorating yet simple adventurous trip for yourself with family or friends, here is a list of 5 exquisite places that you can book for your next trip.


Photo by Bharat Rawail, CC BY 2.0

If we are talking about adventure, we just cannot miss out on Leh and Ladakh. Not only it is known for its exceptional beauty but also for the most exhilarating adventurous trips that one can experience. So, this has to top our list. Here you can find opportunities like paragliding, hiking, trekking and even rafting sometimes. People also often take motorcycle tours from Simla to Leh, but it is not recommended for the faint of hearts. Apart from adventure, if you happen to get tired, you have a great option to visit the Buddhist monasteries which are beautiful and would surely embellish your trip.



Mawphlang, Photo by Ashwin Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0

Meghalaya? Never thought of it as an adventurous destination, right? Well, I suggest that you do not limit your adventures only to trekking and hiking. Go beyond that – caves are an excellent endeavour. It is undoubtedly dangerous like any other adventurous sport, but it is a must to try if you are a hard-core reckless traveller. Meghalaya has beautiful caves with forests and waterfalls all around. This north-eastern sister state is full of nature and will give you an enriching experience. After all its capital Shillong is called the “Scotland of the East”.

3. GOA


Palolem Beach Goa, Photo by NeilsPhotography, CC BY 2.0

Goa is more much more than partying and nightlife. It has great adventurous sports that can be undertaken without mountains! Goa gives you the opportunity to have some fun with water. Water adventure sports like Fly-boarding, go-karting, rafting and scuba diving can all be given a try. Goa has amazing weather in the months from June to September and the cool waters will give you an untouchable experience. Along with water sports, you can also go for the Hot air balloon flight in Goa. You can experience high altitudes and be right there in the sky on the ninth cloud.



Main Gate of Mysore palace, Photo by Spiros Vathis, CC BY-ND 2.0

Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka is known not just for its fine culture but also for various tourist attractions like monuments, temples, forts and museums. Known as the most popular sightseeing city, Mysore provides a great opportunity for sky-diving. With a proper trainer/guide, you can experience flying high in the blue skies at great altitudes and exquisite greenery below.



Kerala Boathouse, Photo by Silver Blue, CC BY-SA 2.0

Kerala is undoubtedly India’s paradise. It is a place where you can find the most exquisite greenery, waterfalls, flora and fauna in addition to sparkling beaches. Apart from Kerala’s heavenly landscape, there are a lot of adventurous activities that one can explore. Mountaineering, water-sports on beaches and most importantly flying fox are some of the fun activities. Thanks to the immensely tall trees and mountains, flying fox is a sport where via a rope tied between two opposite mountain points, you swing from one end to another. Apart from getting the feeling of a chimpanzee, you will have a wonderful time.

When in Kerala, you must also try Parasailing, where a rope is attached to parasail at one end and the other end is attached to a speedboat. As the speedboat races in the sea, the sailor becomes airborne into the sky. The speedboat controls the parasail. This is one of the most interesting activities to enjoy on a bright sunny day with a cool breeze and blue waters all around.

Adventure is a way of enjoying the other side of life which gets lost in everyday life. It brings the vigour in you to take challenges head-on and go for them with bursting thrill. It might physically exert you but will mentally relax you. You never know, you might just discover a whole new side of yourself. Going to a place at the right time of the year is always an added advantage to your trip. With proper care, planning and judgment, you can make your upcoming trip adventurous and have once in a lifetime experience.


Author Bio:

A passionate traveller and blogger, Rohit Agarwal keeps discovering unexplored places in India. An architect by profession, he keeps on writing his voyage diary on a website owned by him called Here you can find his interesting blogs on travel, tourism, and cuisines.

Motorcycle Tours and Adventures in South Asia


Author Biography

 asiamotorcycle2 Over the past 10 years, Laura Knight has been a motorcycle rider. She has built up an incredible passion for travelling by motorbike and always wishes to contribute to motorcyclist and traveler community. This is the reason why she created where her passion is turned into useful and interesting information to the motorcyclists and travel lovers. Visit her blog to read more articles about motorcycle traveling gear reviews and helpful tips!


South Asia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of the area’s outstanding natural beauty, rich historical landmarks as well as unique culture. But taking a trip to South East Asia isn’t just about tasting the incredible local foods or lying on the sunny sandy beaches. Actually, there a number of fun-filled activities that you can choose to do in South Asia that will make you active while on your trip. From kayaking and river rafting to rock climbing and scuba diving all through to trekking and motorcycle travelling, you can never miss an activity that will get your heart pumping.

Depending on the country you choose to visit, you can enjoy a combination of different activities when you travel.

Unique Activities to Engage In While On a Trip to South Asia

The adventures in South East Asia are endless, whether you’re a local or international tourist. You can decide to go on a trek adventure to the steaming volcano in Indonesia, Scuba diving in the turquoise water of South Thailand or enjoy canyoning in Cebu Philippines. And how about taking motorcycle adventure trips when you visit Indonesia, Thailand, Laos or Myanmar? If you want a guided motorcycle tour motorcycle touring holiday, then there are plenty of things to enjoy in South Asia.

What Is Motorcycle Touring Holiday All About?

Motorcycle tours and holiday are perfect for travelling to the countries’ unseen places, old Buddhist temples, the local markets and experiencing the warm culture of the people around the Peninsula. To ensure you enjoy a well organized biking tour in Thailand, Burma, Laos, China or Cambodia, you need to work with a local motorcycle tour company. As a motorcycle traveler, you understand the joy and freedom that comes with riding through the midst of nature. But you should be aware that road conditions in these countries may vary from graded red dust highways all through to tarmac roads. Hence you should know what to carry along while on your trip.


Important Tips to Consider When Taking a Motorcycle Tour in South Asia

One of the most important tips you should remember as a motorcycle traveler is to have all your gear in place. Whether you’re travelling under the guide of a motorcycle travel agency or with a group of friends in the region, you should have essential gear such as a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle boots and wind jackets. The majority of motorcycle travel agencies carry out tours ranging from one day to 16 days tours, which most of the time requires planning. When planning to go on a motorcycle tour, it is important to consider working with a motorcycle tour agency because:

-They’ll direct you to fun areas where there’s no traffic, no chaos and no trouble

-You’ll receive special accommodations, meals and airport transport

-Your travel motorcycle is fueled, oiled and fully insured

-They make sure you see the real countryside, interact with indigenous local people and experience the real beauty of nature

-A well-guided tour means you’ll avoid difficult off-road riding making the adventure less stressful


-Visitor Pass to major historical sites like ancient temples, parks and other historical landmarks

-Group motorcycle travelling which makes the experience even more fun

-Excellent packaged motorcycle travelling adventures at reasonable rates

Sandboarding Adventures in Philippines and Vietnam

While you might have tried all the other adventures in your trip, you can endeavour to try something new. And sandboarding in Vietnam and the Philippines can just be the thing to set your mood high as you wind up your trip to Asia. Just like snowmobiling, where you need a snowmobile helmet, sandboarding requires some head gear for safety purposes. One of the best places to slide down is in the Laoag La Paz sand dunes in Philippine and the sand dunes of Mui Ne in Vietnam. Always remember to close your mouth while sliding down these areas! Sandboarding can be an exhilarating activity to engage in after a hefty hike or trek.


Motorcycle tours can be one of the best ways to get into the native villages and tropical forests of South Asia. It not only makes maneuvering through the dusty and sometimes bumpy terrains easier but it presents a cost-effective option of moving around the native markets and local historical sites. And with the help of motorcycle touring agencies, the tour can even be more fun because you’ll have many places to visit with a well-defined itinerary. And after you’re done with motorcycle touring, you might find sandboarding as a fun activity in your trip calendar. A trip to South Asia has just never been this fun!