Calling All Foodies, Get to Chicago!

Thanks to Aaron Cruz – – for this guest post. Among other things, Aaron is a lover of shorelines and was on a recent trip to Chicago.

Chicago has Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive, the Cubs and Wrigley, great parks and skyline views everywhere you look, I could go on-and-on. In my time there, I’ve also come to know that they have their thriving food scene as well.

Chicago- by Aaron

Nightwood Restaurant, located in the Pilsen neighborhood, offers fine dining inside and out, with an open kitchen. You never know what deliciousness you’ll have to choose from as their menu is hand-written daily after hitting the markets and coming up with new ideas. The wood-grilled chicken with potatoes in a chili sauce and topped with greek yogurt is a good choice, as well as any pasta they have to offer.

Chicago- Food

If you’re looking more for the sports bar scene, head right to the heart of the city and make a stop at Public House. Try their burgers and mac ‘n cheese. More specifically the kobe beef brisket sliders and caramelized onion mac ‘n cheese will leave you wanting for more.

Chicago- Burger

You can’t have a Chicago foodie post without the legendary Chicago-style deep dish pizza mentioned. Lou Malnati’s, founded by the son of the originator of this style of pizza, is a place to get to. They have many locations throughout Chicago-land. The Malnati Chicago Classic was the choice on my recent stop, adding in extra onions and garlic for good measure.

Chicago- Deep Dish Pizza

If you are looking for a deep-dish pizza joint off the grid, checkout Exchequer Restaurant & Pub within the Downtown Loop. It’s a cozy and fun place to hang out and the cheese on their pizza is reason enough to stop in.

Chicago- Deep Dish Pizza 3

After you’ve grabbed some food, head on over to the rooftop of ZED 451 and enjoy one of their fruity mojitos. Beautiful city views and great drinks make for a fun nightcap.

Chicago- Drink

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. To get a better feel for the Chicago food scene head to the Windy City in the summer to the biggest food festival in the world, The Taste of Chicago. I experienced it many years ago and remember, just one food vendor after another, with lots of entertainment options available.

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