6 Reasons why Road Trips are Better than Flying

People on a road trip relaxing in nature

According to statistics, flying might be the safest mode of travel, and there are some destinations that a car can’t reach. However, traveling by car is usually more affordable and allows you to create your itinerary – that’s just the beginning of its benefits. In this article, we’ll uncover 6 reasons why road trips are better than flying.

#1 You are in control

When it comes to traveling by plane, there are many procedures that you must follow. First, you need to get to the airport 2-3 hours before the departure time. Then, you get processed through security, board a crowded plane, and sit for a few hours in a cramped space. Depending on the airline and destination, food choices may be poor. As a result, people often arrive at the final destination feeling groggy. Some experience headaches or nausea due to turbulence and changes in air pressure. Not to mention the stress caused by delayed flights, long layovers, and missed connections.

If you’re lucky enough, you might fall asleep during your flight (in case there is no crying baby near you). If you happen to have a window seat and if you’re flying during the day, you can watch the clouds. And, that’s probably the only thing you’ll see, except the landscape before landing. All in all, traveling by plane is not very eventful.

On the other hand, when you travel by car, you can have an enriching experience and flexible schedule. When driving, you have many options available. You make the rules of your trip. You can stop and take a break whenever you want, whether to marvel at a lookout point, take photos, or eat something.

#2 It’s safer than you think

Many people are simply afraid of flying. On the other hand, do you know anyone afraid of traveling by car? Plane crashes are statistically more deadly than car crashes, even though they happen much less frequently. However, you’re much more likely to survive and avoid severe injuries if you happen to have a car accident.

Keep in mind that cars are safer now than ever before. You can rely on a car with GPS, automatic braking, anti-lock brakes, lane assist, parking sensors, camera, etc., and have a safe road trip.

However, if you still feel a little worried, you can always look for less busy routes for your road trip. Additionally, you can decide to pull over during bad weather and keep your phone in silent mode for better focus.

Woman driving a car
Whenever you’re driving, safety should be your top priority.

#3 Driving is less expensive than flying

Even though gas can be expensive, plane tickets are much more so. There are many extra fees you’ll need to pay as well. Low-cost airlines charge a fee for checked bags, preferred seats, airport check-in, in-flight entertainment, etc. Prices of food and drinks at the airport are usually outrageous as well.

Traveling by car is an adventure that is even more affordable when traveling with others. Road trips are better than flying because you can split gas money with your travel companions. In case you’re traveling with family, it’s easy to calculate the difference between multiple airplane tickets and the cost of gas.

#4 You can bring more stuff

Another reason why road trips are great is that you have more flexibility when packing your bags, and you don’t have to pay expensive fees for them. You don’t have to follow strict airline rules, and there is no specific weight limit. If you have a spacious car, you can bring almost anything you want. Some of those things can be:

  • Various games
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Camping gear

You can also take your dog with you without worrying about the airline’s pet policy or the pet fee.

A man and a child near white SUV during sunset
Road trips are better than flying because they allow you flexibility in so many ways.

#5 Endless discoveries

You should go on an adventurous road trip at least once in your life. The fun is almost guaranteed, along with the opportunity to experience many different things. There’s so much to see and do on the road that you’d miss if you traveled by plane. There are numerous roadside attractions which you can plan to visit. Whenever you drive through a quaint little town, you can make a stop and wander through its streets. Moreover, you can stop to explore anything that seems interesting and worth your time, such as small museums, historical sites, famous statues, geological wonders, etc.

#6 Planning a nationwide road trip is so much fun

Everything mentioned above contributes to the idea that your vacation is not only your final destination – planning a nationwide road trip is much more than that. To plan this adventure, get creative and make a list of all the places you want to visit and see how you can connect them on a map. Then, create your itinerary, set a road trip budget, and decide where you’ll spend your nights. Be sure to download offline maps (just in case) and leave at least a little bit of flexibility for unplanned adventures.

Aside from being fun, road trips can also strengthen your relationships – whether that’s with your partner, family members, or friends. When traveling by road, you get to know your companions more intimately by having deep, meaningful talks with them.

Couple sitting in the back of a car
Going on a road trip with a companion will strengthen your relationship.

Final thoughts

Even though road trips are better than flying in many ways, every form of travel has its pros and cons. If you’re going on a business trip, it’s probably best to go by plane. When you need to travel to a remote location, the same logic applies. But, when you do have the option to drive, go for it. You’ll have more quality time, more flexibility, you’ll see things you would have never seen by plane, you’ll learn some history, and you’ll even save money. However, remember it’s essential to be cautious and drive safely. Being on the road promises thrilling experiences which you can remember for the rest of your life.


21 thoughts on “6 Reasons why Road Trips are Better than Flying

  1. I don’t mind flying, but I love a good roadtrip. Before our kids were born, my husband and I drove coast to coast across Canada over 2 summers. Definitely an experience I’d recommend to anyone. We’ve done several long roadtrips with our kids. I love the flexibility of being able to set your own schedule and explore at your leisure.

  2. You’ve mentioned some great points. Although I love flying, I also really enjoy the freedom you can have with a road trip. The build up and planning is a lot more exciting too.

  3. I absolutely loved each point. You said it all. Road trips are literally the best. You are in control, you have everything that you need with you and you are with your family. I love how you mentioned in the end that for a business trip it would be preferable to take the plane but otherwise, road trips is a good option.

  4. I love all your reasons for choosing road trips over flying – I think this year more than ever a road trip or a staycation is a much better option and you’re right, it’s good to feel in control!

  5. Going cross country is on my bucket list. For me, road trips are much more fun than flying because when you fly you miss out of the in-betweens. I enjoy stopping for souvenirs or visiting tourists sites.

    I am a history junkie so anything historically appealing is my type of thing. Often times my husband and I still make it a point to be tourists locally. It’s so fun and exciting and you are guaranteed to see or experience something new.

    Thank you so much for sharing this interesting post.

    xo Erica

  6. Yup, there is nothing like a good road trip. And when you have children it’s pretty much the only way to go! We have 5 kids so flights are usually out of the question. Except for now! We’re moving to Guatemala! We’ve talked a lot about making the drive but I think for that distance and amount of unknowns we are better off flying. Wanna swap guest posts?

  7. lynnmumbingmejia

    100% agree with this! I love road trips. The best road trip I went on was with my husband from Vancouver, BC to Anaheim, CA (Disneyland). We did so many stops and driving down the coast was truly beautiful. I also really enjoyed the Rockies from BC to AB! Thanks for sharing these reasons!

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

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