Another Day in London

Who wouldn’t want another day in London? If you’ve never been to London, and you are going for your first time, you will certainly feel obliged to see the sights (see below). But do yourself a favour and allow for another day in London (or 2).

Explore London

By all means, see the sights – the well known palaces (Kensington, Buckingham and the often missed St. James’s), the parks (Green and Hyde), Big Ben, the London Eye, and more. But you’ve got to allow time to get out and see the heart of the city. If you’ve been to London more than a few times, as I have, you’ll get out and explore London like a local. The markets, quaint shops, local pubs, small restaurants, etc. The real heart of any great city is of course it’s people. And London is without question one of the world’s great cities.A woman walking on the streets of London  Kensington Palace in London  Looking at Kensington Palace in London  

St. James’s Palace in London  
Looking at Big Ben and Parliament in London

Looking over the River Thames and t(e London Eye


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