Sunset in Paradise – Samujana

You know when I travel somewhere on a vacation, I like a specific place, but every other year I want to go somewhere else because of that “been there, done that” feeling. With this unique place, everything is different. Samujana just embraces you and holds you for a lifetime. You want to do it all over again. So, this year I spent my vacation in Samujana. If you’re asking me where I’ll be going next year, the answer is the same: Samujana. Why, you might ask? I will try to answer that as best I can.


It’s chic and exotic. The first thing I was seeing when I woke up every day was a coral cove. It can’t get more exotic, right? Wrong. Everything about this place just screams with luxury and adventure. The architecture of the 27 Samujana’s villas is divine. Both their appearance and functionality is at an exceptional level. Though every villa is slightly different in appearance, they all have the same conveniences, such as a big space that can accommodate a large family, a kitchen, amazing bedrooms, outdoor living space, a cinema room and more.

koh-Samui-Sunset -Lounge-647x430

It has a wide range of possibilities. Whether you have decided to have your wedding reception here, or just wanting a private and restful retreat, Samujana is your place. If you, however, want to take advantage of your paradise vacation by getting fit, you are offered a choice of sports, fitness and yoga. My choice was tennis, because I personally love that sport, and I just couldn’t resist their top notch tennis courts. There are programs for groups and families, but you may choose ones for your personal fitness goals.



This is nature at its finest. Believe me when I tell you, the sights I saw on Samujana, are the most amazing ones I’ve seen in my life. I would pay millions just to experience the excitement and the fascination of seeing it again for the first time. The whole island of Koh Samui, where this resort is located, is rich in culture and nature and is eco-friendly, which in these days is very important. I hope that, while you’re reading this, you are starting to consider the possibility of visiting. If you’re looking to travel to Koh Samui, you can find pretty much anything you need on this blog. That’s how I found out everything before my vacation.

dinner samujana

barbecue koh samui


It has the most perfect sunset ever. I’m usually a “hard to impress” guy, but this sight is heart-stopping, as it is everywhere in Thailand. It was one of the most picturesque sunsets I ever saw. It’s enough to look at it for a while to feel all the joy of living on this planet and to be grateful for the opportunity to escape the “concrete jungle” we normally spend our days in.



Peter is free-spirited travel who loves spending his holidays around exotic destinations. He enjoys tennis and a good travel with his friends around the globe. Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook.

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