What You Need To Know About A Desert Safari in Dubai

Today, we are so busy with our work, children and daily routines that we certainly do not appreciate how important it is to take a break. This is essential and much needed for our physical and mental well being. Vacations are a must and Dubai is a great choice. If you wish to have great fun and pleasure in Dubai, here is what you need to know about a desert safari in Dubai.

The concept of a desert safari is from the African lands and is now the most prominent and chosen recreational activity for residents and tourists of Dubai, UAE alike. A desert safari offers all the fun and enjoyment in a short space of time which is more than any of us can ask for these days. The many memorable activities in a few short hours are the best part of a desert safari. Currently, desert safari Dubai offers great packages for your desert safari. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the desert safari offered by them and certainly do not regret my decision. Mercury Tourism LLC offers great new activities alongside the traditional ones to keep the spirit of the actual desert safari alive. Some of these activities include:


Dune Bashing

This is a traditional and one of the most enjoyable parts of a desert safari. It is a highly pleasurable experience and the adrenaline rush it gives just cannot be explained in words. Sitting comfortably in a fully equipped and highly comfortable SUV or a four-wheeled drive, bashing across those sand dunes. The highly skilled drivers of the Desert Safari Dubai perform some of the most crazy stunts makes it a perfect off-road experience. This is the part I enjoy the most in a Desert Safari and wait for it desperately every time I plan a trip. It is an addiction.

Camel Safari

This is quite an interesting part of a desert safari especially for foreigners who rarely enjoy a camel ride. After dune bashing, the vehicles will all make a stop at a camel farm. From here, a camel safari ensues which takes everyone for an enjoyable camel ride across the desert. I thoroughly enjoyed this part as it makes everything in a desert safari very realistic.

Belly Dance

This signifies the end of the desert safari when the party makes their final stop to the camps with all the amazing necessities and the majestic Arabian traditions. You can freshen up here and have Henna applied by artists. The desert safari trip ends with a scrumptious Barbecue that is packed with amazing food without which a desert Safari is incomplete. The food was delicious and I loved every bit of it. The amazing desert safari ends with an enjoyable belly dance that features talented dancers.

A woman desert sandboarding in Dubai

Packages Offered for Desert Safari by Mercury Tourism LLC

The desert safari is an experience of a lifetime with several packages offered. These are highly feasible and one can choose according to your personal preferences. I love this as I can always schedule my trips according to the timings that suits me.

Morning Desert Safari

I find this quite an interesting package for a desert safari as it is ideal for those who can spare a couple of hours in the morning. The whole trip is fast paced which is even more of a plus point and highly adventurous. Along with all that, it only requires two hours. The Mercury Tourism LLC offers pick and drop which is one of the great features offered by any Desert Safari Dubai company. Some notable features include:

  • 20 minutes of Dune Bashing
  • Camel ride
  • Sand skiing
  • Quad biking

Although the package is great but one of the things I feel lacking is the no food option. Since I am a foodie, I would love to see some food included in this package too.

Evening Desert Safari

This desert safari is the most popular and is packed with the stuff I love and I believe everyone else does too. It includes some of the most amazing stuff and is definitely an experience to remember and cherish. I still cannot forget my evening desert safari trip as it included some thoroughly enjoyable features like

  • Dune Bashing and Camel Safari
  • Bar
  • Belly Dancing
  • Henna and costumes
  • Sun set photography
  • A delicious BBQ and Buffet dinner

Relaxing at a camp site in the desert in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari

If someone asks me for a suggestion, I would advise the overnight desert safari. The beauty of this desert safari is that when everyone else is leaving, you are just starting an amazing and memorable experience. For me this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy and have an experience of a lifetime under the stars while the city sleeps. Some of the most amazing features which I love to enjoy include:

  • Pick and Drop Service
  • Dune Bashing and Camel Rides
  • Belly Dance
  • Sunset photography
  • Arabic Coffee (Kahwa) and Shishaa
  • Overnight Camp stay with sleeping bags and blankets
  • A delicious breakfast

For me, a Desert Safari is the ultimate way to enjoy in a short space of time. You should definitely go for it as it is an experience of a lifetime.


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  1. Simplyalexjean

    Wow, this looks so lovely and it sounds like there’s a lot included in these safari packages! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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