Jamaica (my top spot)

This is without question my most overdue article, post, writing of all time. I usually go to Jamaica at least once a year, sometimes more. I can’t even guess how many times that I’ve actually been there. But I can guess that my lack of travel writing on Jamaica is because it feels so much like home for me.

Plantation Ruins in Jamaica by marktravel

Jamaica is relaxing. Everything moves slower there (except for Usain Bolt). If you are looking for anything quick, you’ve come to the wrong place. And that’s fine with me.

Golf in Jamaica

Jamaica is nicely warm (at least for a guy from Canada) and the temperature and breeze are constant. It’s almost always sunny. Clouds are actually a welcome sight because it is so warm and sunny. You could almost set your watch by their rainfall- most days at 3:30.

The South Shore of Jamaica by marktravel

Jamaica is incredible beaches, warm water and island scenery…

Appleton Sugar Cane in Jamaica by marktravel

Plantation Ruins in Jamaica by marktravel

Jamaica is also a proud people and culture. And great food (jerk chicken immediately comes to mind), good drink (Appleton and Red Stripe beer), and good times.


It’s a combination of all of the above and more. And a welcome trip at anytime (and my next visit to Jamaica is November 2014).

Jamaica at sunset by marktravel


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