The Egypt Experience

Egypt is so steeped in history, it’s like a dream. One of my earliest exposures to Egypt was the “King Tut” travelling exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The exhibit was amazing in so many ways and without a doubt created a seed in me. I had to go to Egypt at some point in my life to see more of this amazing world history.

Some years later, my girlfriend (now wife) and I planned a whirlwind 10 day trip to Europe including Egypt. Greece was the real vacation part (including the Acropolis) but Egypt was all about discovery- in 3 days!

After landing in Cairo, we start speaking with a tour guide in the airport- and end up with a 2 day private tour of Cairo and area with a private guide and car/driver. Perfect and great value! Off to the Cairo Marriott on the banks of the Nile.

In the next day and a half, we visit the National Museum, the great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the open air museum at Memphis (the former capital), the Khan El-Khalili bazaar, the Nile and many other sites along the way. Seeing wonders of the world is something you never forget. World history just doesn’t get boring- ever. A very quick visit for sure but well worthwhile and something that can be done. A visit to Egypt must be done!

2 “cocktail party” stories to share:

At lunch, we are taken to a rustic roadside restaurant on the way to Memphis. Lunch is pita in a basket with some kind of poultry. We ask- the poultry is pigeon. I haven’t had pigeon before (or since) but it was delicious piegon. I take a pita from the basket and discover ants- all over the underside. The waitress rushes over, takes another pita from the basket and crashes the two together. Like a pair of cymbals! The ants fall off- all is good! She hands me back the pitas.

Our drive back into Cairo follows a road alongside a canal. We are driving behind a sewage truck with a big leak in very hot 44c. weather. Each leak creates instant steam and sewage stench. The driver decides he must overtake the truck (thankfully). A taxi is racing at us in the opposite direction. Our little car has no more horsepower and we are heading straight for the taxi- in their lane of course. It’s close! Seated behind the driver, I pull my arm in as our side mirrors hit and ours falls off. The driver is not phased- I was but it’s part of the experience.

Egypt- the trip of a lifetime and always in my travel memories. And a place where every traveler must visit (at least once)!

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