Finding Yourself While Travelling

Recently, my husband and I went on holiday to Queensland, Australia, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Nothing could have prepared us for the amazing adventure we encountered. We were based in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland. Known for its great surf and stunning nature and wildlife, we soon discovered that we found ourselves on a trip of a lifetime.

Find Yourself While Travelling

Sunshine All The Way

When we first arrived, we were greeted with the warmest welcomes. The people are just amazing, and with weather like that who wouldn’t be. During our seven-day stay, we came across nothing but sun and blue skies. Later, we found out that it was like this most of the year. But, the real sunshine was the people. Everyone was very laid-back, open and seemed to smile more. We met some interesting people, and were invited to a local BBQ party. Barbeque is a big thing, if not the biggest, and let’s just say it was exceptional. I particularly liked the ribs with their special sauce.

Sunshine in Queensland

A Magical Paradise

For are actual trips around the area, we visited the Noosa National Park, which is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it is situated in one of the lushest parts of Australia, it hosts some of the most amazing plant and animal life. We spent an entire first day there, and even went back a second time later on in the week. A walk through the eucalyptus forest was so refreshing, particularly the scented air. During our tour we encountered the cutest koala bears, bandicoots, while the cockatoo calls in the background made the entire experience that more authentic. We also spent a couple of hours on Lake Weyba, where we enjoyed an Aboriginal lunch while listening to their local legends and myths.

Noosa Beach


We spent most of our time on the beach. There are two beaches to choose from: Noosa main beach and Sunshine Beach. Both beaches are white sandy beaches, the first is more laid back, and was a perfect way to enjoy and relax. Fish and chips stands made for a great and cheap lunch, enabling us to enjoy the surreal water as much as we could. Since Noosa hosts the renowned Noosa Festival of Surfing, we surfed-up and enjoyed the waves. Also, there are numerous beach volleyball courts so meeting new people is fun and easy.


Finding Myself

I wanted some time for myself. After brief research I came across one of the best health and wellness retreats. And what girl doesn’t like to be pampered once in a while? Only 30 minutes from Noosa, all the stress and tension I stored during the previous months were gently lifted away with a full day package. The massage and facial got me relaxed, while the mani-pedi was such an indulgence. To top the day off I had a Russian steam bath and the most amazing organic lunch.

Day and Night on the Town

The town also provides a host of fun activities, both during the day and night. A ferry along the river system can be a perfect introduction into dinner. Before going to the lookout point, we rented a bike to explore the Eumundi and Farmers markets and had an amazing day experience. Apart from this, Noosa also has a vivid art and culture seen, notably theatre and music. And there are also amusement parks, great fishing spots, fantastic night-clubs and restaurants and countless other activities.


This is only a small part of what made our trip to Noosa so amazing. And with so much on offer, a trip to this Australian paradise will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


This article was written by Roxana Oliver, a travel enthusiast and an occasional blogger from Sydney, Australia.


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