The Pont d’Avignon in France

This world famous bridge, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, straddles the Rhone River in Avignon, France. The bridge was built around 1180 AD but fell into disrepair over the years until it was abandoned in the 16th century. When it was built, it was the only fixed river crossing between Lyon and the Mediterranean Sea.   It also formed the only river crossing between the Comtat Venaissin (an enclave controlled by the Pope in Avignon), and France proper under the authority of the King of France.




Avignon, France – The Papal Palace

If you are in the south of France, and near Avignon, the “Palais des Papes” is an absolute must and is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was both a fortress and a palace to 6 Popes through a large part of the 14th century (1309-1376). It remained the property of the Pope until 1791 and was ransacked during the French Revolution. As the largest Gothic building of the Middle Ages, it is magnificent with grand halls, rooms and frescoes.

Palais des Papes

The Old Palace Gates

The Papal Palace


The Grand Tinel

Grand Tinel


The Grand Chapel