Weekly Photo Challenge – From Above

I’m a big fan of a view from above. It puts everything in perspective and let’s you see the full picture.

View from 124th floor Burj Kalifa

The view from the 124th floor of the Burj Kalifa in Dubai is something else. All urban, city and man made.

Banked Turn Over Muskoka by marktravel

The view from above in a moving object- a small plane in central Ontario, Canada. An adrenaline rush. All rural.

Auschwitz 2 - Berkenau from the Main Gate by marktravel

The view from above the main gate at Auschwitz 2-Berkineau in Poland. Over 1 million people entered this death camp and never came out. Numbing. Perspective is everything.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

My green is not overwhelming in actual colour but important from an ecology standpoint. City green. The greener a city, the better. I always look for green when I travel to other cities. Ideally, a nice park to walk through or picnic in (like Kensington Park in London).

At the very least, trees along a boulevard (or a canal in Amsterdam). Green is a good thing.

My hometown, Toronto, does pretty well on the “green” list. Toronto is the most sustainable large city in Canada for the second year in a row. But winter is coming and our green is changing…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

A dark, cool, rainy day late in September in Belfast. Sort of a fitting day to create a mood for visiting Titanic Belfast – a tribute to Titanic on the site of the actual shipyard where the great ship was built.  While there are many great elements of the exhibit, the building itself is stunning. The facade consists of several thousand three dimensional aluminum plates, the majority of which are unique. The building leans out at angles of up to 25 degrees further enhancing the building’s geometry. Reflective pools and the buildings location add to the visual experience. Great geometry and great to look at.