Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I’m a big fan of the “Golden Hour”- but the hour near sunset more so than sunrise. The light can be magical and create an almost live painting. If the light is really good, no need to worry at all about the shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

The picture below was taken without camera adjustments in Amsterdam. It was less than an hour before sunset with great light and colour.

Amsterdam Canal by marktravel

Just to prove that it really is about the light, here’s a couple of more pictures, both taken with an iPhone 4s, (Niagara Falls and Jamaica at sunset). Simple pictures with great, natural light taken during the “golden hour”.

Niagara Falls Canada at twilight by marktravel

Jamaica at sunset by marktravel

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

It’s the simple things in life that matter. This sign says it all. It’s a sign in front of a Motel on Kingston Road in Toronto.

Great Sign Message

I can’t imagine that the motel business in a major city is an easy business. Strange people; very short term rentals (in some cases by the hour); late night trouble, etc. There is probably always a room available but always the hope that there will be “no vacancy”.

The Maple Leaf Motel