8 common travel myths that are wrong

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In 2020, the COVID-19 virus pandemic became a part of our reality. False information about the coronavirus can spread even faster than the virus itself. Almost every day, new myths are born and spread online in the blink of an eye – amongst them you will find plenty of common travel myths. With the right precaution measures, life must continue, as well as economic growth, so join us as we debunk some of these urban legends.

Time to move forward with our lives and our habits

The travel industry, much like every other industry, will persevere, though it too will need to adapt. With this article of 8 common travel myths, we will help you recognize false information about the virus. We’ll give you the knowledge you need to feel comfortable traveling again, safely, both for business and pleasure. 

Myth #1: If you’re traveling during this pandemic, you’re almost guaranteed to “catch” the virus

Fact: As long as you’re acting responsibly, taking the necessary precautions, and following the official instructions of the place(s) you’re in – your chances of catching the virus are minimal. The risk will of course always be there, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce the chances greatly.

Myth #2: All tourist attractions are closed due to the pandemic

Fact: In many cases, quite the opposite is true. With many people choosing to avoid traveling altogether, some of the places which are typically packed are now inviting visitors to explore them free from the usual crowd and noise. Neat discounts can be found too.

Myth #3: When traveling, wear a mask only indoors

Fact: You should wear your mask outdoors if you are visiting crowded places, parks, and public gatherings. You will protect others that way in case that you unknowingly have the virus, and vice-versa.

Hands holding a mask on a globe
Travel safely – wear your face mask to protect yourself and others

Myth #4: The COVID-19 virus cannot be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates or extremely cold climates

Fact: There is no scientific evidence to support that claim. While some viruses (like the flu) have their “seasons” depending on the climate, many others are not so easily affected by external temperature. What we do know so far is that Covid-19 has spread to nearly all countries in the world, regardless of their environment. Don’t count on the weather keeping you safe – keep yourself safe instead.

Myth #5: Airports and airplanes are dangerous, and the risk of infection there is high

This is among the most common travel myths, yet also happens to be among the least true. Every airline company and every airport in the world is constantly working on improving safety measures to protect their employees as well as every single passenger.

Fact 1: Due to the circulation and advanced air filtration systems on airplanes, the risk for virus transmission is very low. Did you know there is a complete changeover of air every two to three minutes in an airplane? Of course, you still must take care of hand hygiene and respect all protocols.  

An airport waiting area
All airports are employing physical distancing measures

Fact 2: Airports have UV cleaning technology, enhanced sanitization, and many contactless solutions for all needed procedures. Wear a mask and maintain physical distance as required. Airport staff will take your temperature and hand sanitizers will be available everywhere around you. Onboard announcements will remind you of the necessary protocols.

Myth #6: Travel insurance will not cover medical expenses in case you get infected in a foreign country. It will cost you a lot,  better not to travel at all.

Fact: Most major insurance companies are updating their travel insurance policies to cover a part or all of the costs if you get infected abroad. Ask your insurance provider to explain your rights and responsibilities regarding travel insurance. The most important thing (now more than ever) is to keep yourself healthy, physically as well as mentally. Don’t neglect your physical shape – exercise, and spend time outside in fresh air.

Myth #7: When traveling, restaurants and street food should be avoided – you should prepare your own food

Fact: Hygiene measures are always important wherever and however you choose to eat. If you enjoy preparing your own food even while traveling – go for it! But if you’re only doing it to avoid restaurants out of fear, think again. Restaurants and fast food joints have tons of rules and protocols they need to follow, especially now – they’d be out of business otherwise. Common logic still applies, so before ordering a meal or grabbing some street food, make sure the place looks clean and maintained and that all precautions are taken.

Myth #8: Travel will never be the same, coronavirus will destroy tourism industries

Fact: Freedom to travel is a crucial part and a key driver in the international post-pandemic recovery. Tourism will survive. Firstly, for economic reasons and secondly because of the unique joy of travel itself. There are numerous innovations and automation in travel procedures which are making travel easier, safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry is enormous, but every possible step is taken so that you can travel again while staying safe and protected.

Airline companies are now giving more affordable rates and more flexible fares than ever, to encourage people to travel again. They will offer you more flight change possibilities than before (even for free). Along with that, they offer refund possibilities if your plans change due to the impact of the virus, or vouchers for future travel. Even bus and train tickets are offered with many flexible solutions – so don’t hesitate to explore the conditions, and do not be afraid to ask questions before buying them.

After debunking common travel myths- pack your bags and go, the world awaits you 

With all this in mind, traveling now may feel safer than going to your local food store or partaking in any other daily activity. The air in a plane is probably cleaner than the one circulating in your office. Airplanes are usually cleaner than our own living space, as they are constantly and thoroughly cleaned with enhanced solutions – even before COVID-19.

If you’re still wondering whether it is the right time to travel again, remember this: the desire to travel is in our DNA and that can never change! Tourism can’t be stopped. Travel can’t be stopped. You, dear reader – can’t be stopped.

Signpost on the road
Traveling will help you relax and reduce stress

As the world opens for you again, you will also be more open to the world! Traveling will help you relax, reduce stress, and make unforgettable memories. You’ll have fun, see and do something new, strengthen relationships, learn more, grow, and eventually improve your life. So don’t be afraid to get out there!


37 thoughts on “8 common travel myths that are wrong

  1. Great article! Hoping this will reduce fear and angst among people especially about traveling. The tourism industry will never stop. Instead it will reboot with new measures. Air travel is increasing now and yes it is safer. There is always risk though one must be responsible with his actions. Always check sources when reading news or articles.

  2. This is a great article to help eliminate the irrational fears that some may have right now. I agree with you that if you do take all precautions and stick to health and safety measures, you certainly reduce your risk of picking Covid, and that’s regardless of where you are.
    Although I personally still feel like it’s a bit early for international travel if it’s not a necessity. However, I do believe that this is a temporary situation and with time tourism will definitely be back again and just like before.

  3. This is the post we needed Mark! I’ve been traveling recently and people really hated me for risking my own health and many others. But if you act carefully and follow the strict guidelines it really doesn’t have to be dangerous. On my trip, I met way fewer people then in my daily life.
    Thanks for taking the time to debunk these myths 🙂

  4. Love that this post is made for this pandemic situation. Very good points, and I must say, I can’t wait to travel once this is all done too! Haha. I think that this post is very helpful to lessen the fear in traveling among people cultivated by this pandemic. Safety precaustions can still be reliable. Thanks for sharing this. 💕

  5. jenyscloset

    Great post. I agree all the points. It’s better to stay safe and not to think about traveling for now.


  6. A really good piece, Mark. I feel for the travel and tourism industries, they’ve been hit so hard by COVID. We won’t be going abroad for a while because my husband is vulnerable and our insurance won’t cover him but that doesn’t mean we’ll never go overseas again. We just have to be careful and take all the precautions we can. Thank you for debunking some common myths.

  7. I know many people are traveling again, so it is relieving to know airports and stations are doing all they can to make traveling as safe as possible!

    I live in a tourist town, so I know how hard it is for many of the businesses to survive, yet I also see that when people need to travel, they travel.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. Thank you for sharing this! It’s really good information to know. I hope it helps people feel more relaxed about traveling. I think coronavirus will be around for a while, and no one wants to live without traveling! As long as appropriate measures are taken, hopefully the travel industry will return stronger than ever!

  9. Great article! this post is very helpful for people who want to travel again. Hopefully, these pieces of information reduce the fear to not travel in the pandemic. Thanks for sharing this article.

  10. Richie

    Great article, Mark.

    Rather than various forms of travel being considered risky, I think the single biggest risk factor is stupid/selfish people.

    The sort of people who think: “It’s all a conspiracy – I’m not wearing a mask”, “It’s infringing my rights – I’m not wearing a mask”, “I haven’t got it – I don’t need to keep 2m away from you”, “I want to lie on the beach and get skin cancer – I don’t care if that means I’m lay virtually on top of other stupid people”, “I want to party – I don’t care about the government guidelines” etc etc etc

    Keep your wits about you wherever you go!

  11. theweeklykitsune

    Thank you for sharing ! I really want to travel, but honestly the pandemic kinda sent me off. It’s easy to get a bit paranoid during this whole situation, thank you for debunking all those myths !

  12. Really good to focus on helpful information and the facts around staying safe — I’m not going to travel about yet as it’s other people who know these precautions but don’t follow them that are the reason it spreads. My husband is high-risk immunocompromised and I cannot trust other people to do the right thing — which has been demonstrated all too often. Thanks for myth busting though as I think more accurate info needs to be shared whenever possible.

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