Making Money While Traveling

I definitely love to travel. Did my blog name – Mark’s Travel Journal – or Twitter handle – @marktravel  – give it away? I’ve travelled a lot over the years and I’ve seen some amazing places around the world.

Achensee in Austria

Whether you are touring around your province, state, district, country, etc. or planning on traveling overseas extensively, there are ways to extend your trip so that you can become a travel nomad. One of these ways is to make more money while on the road (to keep on travelling).

Here’s a few ways to keep making money while traveling:

  1. Freelance – write online to make money while traveling.

I began freelance writing a number of years ago before I started my blog. I still do it today because I enjoy writing both for my blog and for others. Writing can be done anywhere so you can definitely travel and work at the same time. The potential for freelance writing is almost limitless and there are some popular freelance platform out there. The more you write, the more experienced you become, the better your writing becomes, and the more you can charge for each article.

  1. Play online casino games to make money online while traveling.

One way is to get in to an online casino website and try some games. There are many games and some online casinos let you play just for fun in practice mode, but you can also choose the option to play for real money mode. If you do, know your limit and play within it. You should set a designated spend limit or budget and potentially reinvest any winnings that you make.

  1. Create a blog to make money while traveling.

This is definitely my favorite! Blogging is not a way to “get rich quick” but it can be a nice way to make side money. I do know some full-time bloggers who make full-time income with a lot of time and hard work.

It’s easy to start a blog. The challenge is to keep adding relevant content and make it your own. With your own blog, you can make money through advertising, affiliate marketing, paid posts, sponsorship, guest posts, reviews, partnerships and more.

Blogging is personally rewarding and can be done anywhere. Ideally when you are travelling to your next adventure!


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