The Montenegro Journey: Fitness Vacation Essentials

This post was provided by Peter Minkoff


For adventure seekers such as myself, it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t reflect that “déjà vu” feel, and that presents something new and mysterious.  My quest for a place like this lasted for quite some time but I finally found my destination. It was important that it met my needs as a dedicated fitness practitioner and curious traveler.  It’s Montenegro – and has it all! This little piece of undiscovered paradise, located in the south-east of Europe, is a world wonder waiting to be admired. I would guess that very few of you reading this have already experienced this paradise but you really have to try it.

Every Traveler’s Dream


Before heading to this country, I found out that it has marvelous historical and cultural sights which is very important for a travel enthusiast. I was impressed by the humble and astonishing Adriatic coastline and a perfect place for a beautiful nature jog. My favorite sights were the Bay of Kotor, and its charming main city, Kotor. The fortress in the city is quite a challenge to climb but it is worth the sweat. The view is breathtaking and the local legends are fantastic. Located  southeast of the party-all-night reserved city of Budva (Herceg Novi is the vice-champion in it) is a small islet called Sveti Stefan . I’ve heard that it was once a village, but the former Yugoslavia government turned it into hotel resort.

The Hidden Gem


This unknown corner of Europe hides its greatest treasure from the eyes of the beholder. If you look just a bit closer, you’ll see that the most valuable thing you’ll find in Montenegro is the hospitality of its people. For the amount of time I spent there, all of the people I met were more than happy to be my guides in numerous hiking adventures. Their energy makes them perfect companions for a jeep safari on Bjelasnica Mountain, and even a visit to the Adventure Park on the Lovcen Mountain. One young man, who shortly became a good friend rather than just a guide, even took me to a rafting tour on the Tara River.  Many young people in Montenegro speak English so there was no problem with communication.

Fitness Paradise


Now we’re arriving to my favorite part of the Montenegro adventure. Hiking above the Boka Bay was a great challenge for my physical strength, and the birds-eye view to the smaller bays of Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor Bay, and Risan left me speechless. The nature  hiking path was simply amazing. During the hike, you pass through the woods that lead to the water springs and to the Vrmac fortress. I tried to keep up with my regular work out routine, besides all these adventures, and stick to a diet regime. Of course, I’ve tried most of the local specialties (as would any other traveler). Before my trip, I knew it was a clever idea to to buy kc bars online because I try to use food supplements when I engage in an abundance of different physical activities. I had the most fascinating experience when I went to several open-air classes of yoga. I practiced yoga in Ulcinj, and on the amazing island of Lokrum while under the shades of more than a century old olive trees. You can really find peace in such a place.


Before I left this amazing country, I sat in amazement at a local restaurant. I had a glass of Montenegrin wine and Njegusi prsuta (smoked ham). At that very moment, I realized this wouldn’t be my last visit to Montenegro -there is so much more to explore there. Next time, I’ll bring a friend to pass on my newly discovered passion for undiscovered territories of Southeastern Europe.


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