The Need for Business Class

Economy class is cheaper than Business Class but at what cost to the employee? A new study presented at the Business Travel Market in London confirms that there is a negative impact on colleagues who travel on the cheap. Travel is a demanding sport particularly when you are travelling overseas. A long flight coupled with a significant time difference makes for a trying few days in a foreign land. Having your head hit the conference table because you are overly tired and jet lagged is not good! Business Class lets you relax, work, sleep properly and have a nice meal. A taxi is like business class compared to lugging bags through a subway/tube turnstile. I always use an extra hotel night the day before a meeting to get well rested and in sync with the local time and surroundings. A good hotel helps to make you feel comfortable (like the Flemings Mayfair London in this picture). A business trip is an investment in money, time and the traveler. Travelers need to feel good and at the top of their game for the investment to pay off and the trip to be successful!


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