The Most Common Travel Complaints

Airlines top the list of complaint sources. Most travelers are frustrated by cancellations, changes, and flight delays and the lack of communication and advanced warning of same. Travelers are not happy with leg room and the size of seats in economy class. Travel suppliers in general, and airlines in particular, are great at adding extra or ancillary charges. Fees for bags, seat selection, food, drinks, credit card surcharges and more. Tour operators usually charge extra for single travelers. Many hotels charge for Internet access. What to do? Complain! Complain to the employee you are speaking; if possible complain to management on duty; and then send an e-mail or letter to corporate headquarters.
An unclean hotel room is unacceptable. An in-flight smelly toilet is not good enough. The list goes on but too many paying customers just put up with it. Don’t. Ask for a different hotel room. Tell the airline counter agent that the airline needs more food choice on board. It really doesn’t take many voices and negative opinions to get things fixed and changed (especially in the sensitive travel business).

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